Will Burns

Ajuvia Case


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Immersion learning

Ajuvia was called “BodyRyzm,” a confusing and difficult to spell brand name. However, the company produced very interesting health-related products designed to help align the spine. These products help improve the spine’s neuromechanics, which helps improve the body’s innate healing ability and power; hence, the body’s health, function, and performance. In this way, all of the company’s products help to convince your body to help itself. Selling products only online (online retailer) meant that we needed more than just a rational connection with people, we needed to connect emotionally.

Key insight: A more limber, pain-free and agile body means you can be free to pursue your passions, naturally. This brand was going to be about the result (pursue your passion) vs the problem (pain).

the ideas

This project went a little differently than most. Instead of me coming up with 9 or 10 ideas and presenting them, the client wanted to be more intimately involved. So we conducted several virtual brainstorms with their team and me and came up with several different angles.

But the idea that quickly rose to the top as a brand idea (not as a tagline) was this: “Rejuvenate your passions.”


This manifesto is written to truly romance the motivation of the company, or the company’s “WHY.”


First, the name of the company was changed to Ajuvia, a name that better represents the concept of rejuvenation.

Beyond that the idea was fully adopted by Ajuvia. The manifesto above can be found on the brand’s About page. And the tagline “Live easier, live more” was developed by the client (not by me) as their preferred way to express the idea.

And that tagline is found throughout the brands online and offline materials.