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Founded in 2000, Cambrooke Therapeutics manages serious medical disorders through medically based nutrition therapies. For people with serious unmet medical nutrition needs, it is a daily challenge to find flavorful, easy options that can sustain their diets and maintain their nutritional needs.

Key insight: While Cambrooke foods and formulas tasted as good or better than any competitive brand, they still do not taste as good as “normal” food. That means it’s very difficult to build a brand in this category around better taste, as has been the convention. So the insight was to reposition the food/formula away from taste and more towards the larger benefit, or metabolic balance. Success would mean patients would be more likely to be forgiving on taste because consumption would make them feel balance and feel better.

the ideas

I presented nine different ideas, each taking a slightly different tack on the insight. Below you can scroll through each idea exactly as it was presented. Tip: make your browser bigger so the images become big enough to read.

There was much debate about the pros and cons for each idea and, as is always the case, the session was therapeutic for the client. Ultimately the client chose “Feel balanced. Feel better.” because it worked so hard communicating the feeling of Cambrooke food vs taste and really changed the debate.

Now it was time to write the manifesto for that idea.


We just needed a simple manifesto that employees could use to fully understand the spirit of the idea. Click to enlarge:


This idea was fully adopted by Cambrooke. We used it to inspire a complete communications plan. You’ll find “Feel balanced. Feel better.” on Cambrooke’s trade show booth graphics, tee shirts, patient communications, their blog, everywhere.