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Jim Cooper

Jim Cooper had built a successful career in human resources and recruiting at such firms as Fidelity, Affiliated Managers Group and Charles Sterling Group. Jim also had an entrepreneurial bug that was driving him to start his own firm. But he didn’t want to start “just any” recruiting firm, he wanted it to be different.

Key insight: The one thing most HR/recruitment firms forget to address, or address in superficial ways, is the level of cultural fit that candidates present to prospective companies. Talent is table stakes these days. Jim and I felt there was white space in the category around the additional filter of cultural alignment.

the ideas & Manifesto

In this case, I presented only one idea. This is NOT the norm because I do believe in the “therapy” of presenting and discussing multiple ideas. However, this one hit me and it felt right so I went for it. Click to enlarge:


This idea was fully adopted by Jim. He uses it in his pitch presentations, RFPs, sell sheets, business cards, and home page.