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Sadly, Brain Games Don't Work

Just as I love finding scientific studies that indicate behaviors and activities that can improve our creativity, I also value those studies that shatter conventional methods that don’t work. Brain games—the Lumosity-type mobile games that claim to give your brain a boost—are just such a method. A recent study proves that these brain games might be fun, but they do nothing for our cognitive performance.

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Children Teach Us Creativity And Inhibition Are Opposing Forces

A recent study from the University of Oregon found that, while children who had imaginary friends and even paracosms (imaginary worlds) exhibited higher levels of creativity, they struggled with inhibitory tasks that require focus. More evidence that an inability to focus does not mean a lack of intelligence, it just means a different kind of intelligence is at work.

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More Evidence Microdosing Psychedelic Mushrooms Increases Creativity

Ever since I wrote a Forbes piece about the need for more research into the positive effects of microdosing psychedelics I’ve been rewarded with exactly that. The Beckley Foundation is spearheading a huge study. But just recently researchers published more proof that microdosing psychedelic mushrooms not only improves divergent thinking (creativity) but also convergent thinking. Are shrooms a wonder drug?

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Can Our Soul Override Our Body?

A sudden flash of coherence from an Alzheimer's patient at the end of his life. A moment of responsiveness from a boy with severe cerebral palsy. The unexplained musical genius from an untrained autistic man. In each case, the state of the body suggests that the coherence, the responsiveness, and the genius are impossible. Could it be that our soul trumps our bodies sometimes?

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