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Mental Canvas Allows Free-drawing In 3D

The output of "Mental Canvas."

The output of "Mental Canvas."

This new technology about blew my mind. It won't make you more creative (I don't think), but it will allow your creativity to be expressed in an entirely new way.

It's called "Mental Canvas" (perfect name) and allows users to draw in normal 2D like we're used to, but also build that same drawing into a 3D experience that you can "walk through" afterwards.

Imagine using 3D drawings for your pitches. Who needs storyboards when you can just walk the client through the whole scene. Or TV spots and YouTube branded videos using nothing but Mental Canvas drawings.

The possibilities are endless. It's a new medium. Click below for more and a video that brings it to life better than I can describe.

Link to full report and a very good video.

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