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Notice Irrelevant Things And Then Imagine

He sees a poster. He writes a song.

He sees a poster. He writes a song.

Creativity is the opposite of focusing. Focusing is great for doing your taxes, but not so great when you need an idea. Focusing actually keeps out irrelevant thoughts, thoughts which are a critical resource when creating something new.

Take John Lennon as an example. He was at a shop and noticed an antique poster for a circus one day. He bought it and then composed the song "Being For The Benefit Of Mr. Kite" - from Sgt. Pepper - using many of the words straight from the poster. 

Had he not been open to irrelevant information - in this case, a circus poster - we may have never had that great song.

What inspirations lie all around you right now that, were you to notice them, might trigger your next great idea? Notice them.

Because when it comes to creativity, nothing is irrelevant. 

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