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Take A Hike (No, Really)

I have reported in this blog before that the act of walking - be it indoors or outdoors - has been proven to increase creativity by 60%. I have also reported that the color green - found in abundance in nature - also primes us for creative thinking.

So a walk (walking) in nature (green) is sure to improve creativity. 

But there is new research that looks at walking in a new light. The study was interested in the difference, if any, between walking in nature versus walking down a busy street. Researchers gave subjects a brain exercise to do while walking in one of those situations. Subjects scored significantly better after walking in nature. And, on top of that, felt greater feelings of emotional refreshment after walking in the woods.

This study found that natural environments offer what researchers called a, "soft fascination" that is in sharp contrast to the attention grabbing aspect of our normal urban experience (beep beep).

So go take a hike.

Click here to read more about the study.

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