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The Right Brain Is Only Half Right When It Comes To Creativity

It's not just left or right anymore.

It's not just left or right anymore.

A compelling new study from Duke University proves that creativity is not only the result of tapping into the right brain, but a result of one's ability to connect the two hemispheres, left and right.

The study was conducted with healthy students, a creativity test, and an MRI technique called diffusion tensor imaging, which allows the researcher to peer beneath the skull to see brain activity in real time.

We often talk here about how focusing (traditional left brain attribute) is the opposite of creativity (traditional right brain attribute). When focusing-power, or working memory, is too strong we know from previous research that creativity wanes. Which is why weakening our ability to focus with mundane, repetitive movements, walking, coffee shop noise, dim lighting, etc., allows our right brain to shine through. 

And this research proves that those who are predisposed physically to being more creative already have a good connection between left and right brains. No coffee shops, walking or dim lighting required. 

Click here to read the full study.

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