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When It Comes To Ideas Everything Is Relevant - Even Fish Nets

Inspiring Ted Talk - all about creativity.

You know when you look at a textured wall and suddenly a face pops out of it? The face wasn't put there on purpose, of course. We concoct it with our brains, which are programmed to seek out the human face to our evolutionary benefit. And, because of this "programming," our minds "create" faces even when they aren't there. 

So, what if we programmed our brains to seek out other ideas in the same way? What if we could focus on the problem we are trying to solve and then "allow" ourselves to find ideas anywhere, even in the most seemingly irrelevant places? Like fish nets.

All this was inspired by a brilliant Ted Talk by Janet Echelman who allowed herself to be inspired by fish nets. I highly recommend it. See below.

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