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Ayahuasca Proven To Increase Divergent Thinking


We've covered how microdosing LSD can improve your creativity, among many other psychological benefits. Now, researchers have proven that ayahuasca, a South American psychotropic plant tea traditionally used in Amazonian shamanism, also increases our creativity. 

The research methodology is a little flawed, to be honest. They only recruited subjects who have used ayahuasca in the past (and believe in its benefits), so there is some built-in bias here. That said, the results of the study are still compelling.

The researchers conclude: "Ayahuasca intake significantly modified divergent and convergent thinking as measured by the PCT (picture concept test). While convergent thinking decreased after intake, divergent thinking increased."

I have no plans personally to try ayahuasca and I do not recommend you try it either. But this study is more proof that the act of focusing - or convergent thinking - is the enemy of creativity. And, as anyone who reads this blog knows, there are many ways to increase divergent thinking that are much safer!

But see the full research report on ayahuasca below.

Link to full article.

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