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Want To Increase Your Creativity? Just Get Old.

Old ain't all bad.

Old ain't all bad.

I love research studies on creativity. A couple years ago I noticed a pattern among most of them, and that is this: Our ability to create is proportionate to our ability to detach.

Whether we detach by taking a shower, sitting in a coffee shop with just the right noise, creating psychological distance, or whatever, the key is to keep your working memory, which is great for focusing, from getting in the way of your creativity. Focusing is creativity's kryptonite.

More on these older studies: Multiple Creativity Studies Suggest Creating Our Reality Requires Detaching From It.

Well, according to a new study aging actually increases creativity because of decreased cognitive function. You read that right. Turns out, the decreased cognitive function that naturally occurs from aging hampers our ability to focus, which has the positive effect of increasing divergent thinking (creativity).

Makes you look at those aging creatives a little differently, doesn't it?

Link to full study.

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