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Serendipity Not Only Starts Creative Fires, But Is Completely In Our Control.

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We've talked about luck before, as it relates to creativity - that luck isn't some outside force, but is a result of how we look at the world. We've talked about Tarot Cards and how they force us to pay attention to coincidences, which spur ideas. Well how about serendipity?

Inventology, a new book by Pagan Kennedy, takes the reader through the methods that visionaries use to imagine new technologies. Based on interviews with inventors, economists and psychologists - as well as evidence from studies - the book reveals the steps that produce these "chance" discoveries.

Hint: they're not by chance.

Loaded with examples of accidental inventions, the useful stuff comes in how we can apply it in our everyday lives. Reading magazines we don't normally read, going to museums we wouldn't normally go to, watching TV shows we've never watched. All of these activities can force these accidental ideas. After all, aren't all ideas accidents?

An inspiring read.

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