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When Parents Argue Kids Get Creative

Photo by  Jason Rosewell  on  Unsplash

If parents argue in front of their kids, their kids are more likely to grow up with creative super powers. That's what University of Pennsylvania psychologist Adam Grant, author of "Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World," claims.

We're not talking violent arguments or fights. We're talking about thoughtful debates where both sides are at least heard (if not listened to) and his logic is simple.

Parents who argue openly show their kids that, one, not everyone agrees and that's ok, two, that there are two sides to pretty much everything that are worth thinking through.

As a result of an arguing household, kids grow up unafraid to think things through themselves, and unafraid to debate others in healthy ways.

As Grant put it in his recent NY Times Op-Ed:

"If no one ever argues, you’re not likely to give up on old ways of doing things, let alone try new ones. Disagreement is the antidote to groupthink. We’re at our most imaginative when we’re out of sync. There’s no better time than childhood to learn how to dish it out — and to take it."

So it's an argument for arguing. Do it for the kids.

Read the entire NY Times Op-Ed here.

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