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Fruits And Vegetables Correlate With Greater Creativity

Photo by William Felker on Unsplash

Photo by William Felker on Unsplash

Our mothers told us all the time, right? "Eat your fruits and vegetables!" And we'd roll our eyes and continue to move the food around our plates hoping the broccoli would magically disappear. 

But now that we are adults and in positions where creativity is our lifeblood, we may want to start taking our mother's words more seriously. Here's why.

It's about well-being, curiosity and creativity.

The  University of Otago in New Zealand conducted a study where they recruited 405 young adults and tracked their food intake over 13 days. Each day, participants reported on their consumption of fruit, vegetables, sweets, and chips, as well as their well-being, curiosity and creativity.

Young adults who ate more fruits and vegetables reported higher average well-being, more intense feelings of curiosity, and greater creativity compared with young adults who ate less. Few unhealthy foods (sweets, chips) were related to well-being except that consumption of sweets was associated with greater curiosity.

While I would have liked to see more of a measure than just self-evaluation of "more or less creative," the results are still encouraging.

Interestingly, the researchers found that the creative superpower of fruits and vegetables did not carry over to the next day. A whole new batch must be eaten to achieve the same effect. 

Fine, mom. You were right.

Lunch, transformed.

I don't know about you, but I plan to prepare a small batch of fruits and veggies for lunch from now on. I eat them fairly frequently, but I'm sure not enough. So I'm figuring a burst of intake at noon might make for a good afternoon of creative thinking.

Let us know if you try a similar burst and if you see any results. 



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