Will Burns

Will Burns

Overview of all Will Burns's business endeavors, from Ideasicle to consulting work to Forbes posts to “When in doubt, run it by me.”

A problem is just the absence of an idea.

Data doesn’t solve problems. Analytics doesn’t solve problems. Meetings, reports and surveys don’t either. Ideas do. Great marketing ideas are what happen after you are informed by the data, analytics, meetings, reports and surveys. That’s why ideas are everything to me. Having ideas, inspiring others to have them or writing about others having them for Forbes. Because a problem is just the absence of an idea.

brand consulting

Outside perspective is a powerful force. I bring 30 years of perspective to the brands I work with. Brand ideas, creative brief writing, communications plans, and more. 


Ideasicle is a virtual ideation company I started in 2010. We tap into creative geniuses from around the country, virtually. Just ideas, no execution. Faster, cheaper, better.

forbes Contributor

Since 2011 I have been a Forbes Contributor writing about the importance of creativity in modern branding. I review ads and pick them apart strategically for all to see.

When in doubt...

Run it by me. A realtime service where I do what I do for Forbes, but do it for clients privately over a web meeting. Live reactions to improve your latest marketing ideas.

The Unleash Creativity Blog

The latest posts from my blog covering all kinds of scientific studies that help us unleash our most human attribute: creativity.

The Ideasicle Blog

Actual stories about Ideasicle’s virtual idea-generation method.

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