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The Creative Power of a Coffee Nap

Spike your nap with coffee.

Spike your nap with coffee.

We've already covered the fact that short afternoon "power naps" can increase your creativity by effectively clearing out your brain of mucky, repeating thoughts. But recent studies have found that if you drink a cup of coffee and THEN take a 20 minute nap, the results are exponential: a cleared head, but also improved memory and stimulated cognition. 

The key is timing. Your body takes 20 minutes to process the caffeine, so taking a 20 minute nap right after you drink the coffee - before the caffeine has time to take effect - means your waking up and the caffeine hitting you will coincide.

And then, whammo! 

Click the link below for an article and video about the science behind this idea for ideas.

Link to full article and video. 

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